Summit Sani Pass in a 4×4


Sani Pass

Warm weather prevailed at the bottom with sun shining brightly in Underberg the nearest town. We had pre-arranged to go up the pass with a tour group in a 4×4.

Looking up Sani Pass

With Passport in hand and ready to roll bright and early, here is the adventure as it unfolds. A look up into the mountain face from the South African Border Post (photo above).

After the border there is only 1 ‘pit stop’ to take a break, stretch your legs and catch our breath, some photo’s of the view and flora. It was our lucky day since we had relatively good views and weather.

Pit Stop

A spectacular view all the way down into KwaZulu-Natal.

With flowers and small bushes in flower this trip was in the Spring, after good rains, plenty of running water off the cliffs.


On top we visited a local tribal village, entertained with a cup of tea on top of the world in Lesotho. It was freezing up there and no wonder they get snow so often. Photo shows a glimpse of the flat landscape, with village further back.


Rural local folk on the top save every scrap of wood brought up to build their homesteads, the wood is used for roofing to hold the thatch and re-used again and again, it is a scarcity up here.

Still smiling faces greet you, managing to make ends meet in a place with cattle and goats, a small garden patch and little else.


The young men (at a very young age of about ten) take the animals to graze, with little more than a Besotho blanket and a dog to accompany them for months at a time. This is traditional to see if the young men will be accepted into manhood.

So when you feeling low or down in the dumps, remember the people with little more than a hut who are able to live in sparce harsh lands, where few venture let alone live.

Lunch in the charming pub was good, did I mention that this is the highest pub in Africa? An ale was needed to steady the nerves…

A good look down, the reminder of what goes up must come down.


As you bump and grind over the sand road with bolders so big you wonder if the vehicle will hold, then close to the edge you feel your heart thumping in your throat. Trusting the driver will play his part in getting you up safely….. and down once again. (Who does crazy for a living?)


Looking back you can see why a sturdy vehicle is required to get up this mountain pass. Back down in South Africa safely again, you realize this ride is “one of a kind”. (No the vehicle above was not our ride!).

So if you love adventure a visit up Sani Pass is a must, I have included 2 short video links by Trygve Roberts on You Tube to get you advice before venturing up.

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Acacia Tree – Iconic Africa


Photographers paradise with an African sunset or sunrise, most probably the most photographed of trees silouhette.

Acacia Tree

Flat on top to allow the leaves to capture as much sun in the breeze, loved by Giraffe so clever with his tongue not to be caught up in the thorns.

Acacia and Giraffe

Dwelling to birds and many insects out in the open, offering a certain amount of security. For man we have used parts of the tree for medicines, calico, dyeing and printing to name but a few.

Acacia and Muisvoel

Acacia trees do protect themselves with thorns which are visible and poison they manufacture and warn other Acacia trees to do the same. Sharing the knowledge to neighbouring trees to about 40 meters away.

These trees have mysteries we do not know and live to grand old age of 200 years. So learn from nature and enjoy the sight of this grand tree we take for granted.

PS: The thorns are terrific toothpicks when out in the bush and that bushmeat you cooked was a tad tough.

A man does not run among thorns for no reason; either he is chasing a snake or a snake is chasing him.. African Proverb

IMHO: When we work for ourselves we chasing the snake, when you work for a boss the snake is chasing you.

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Ants Building A Tree House


I have seen birds nests in trees by the thousands, never before have I seen a leaf ant nest build up in the leaves. So after photographing returned home to do some research into ants that nest using leaves.

They twist and curl the big leaves into itself as can be seen making a cosy little home, waterproof and off of the ground. Amazing is the ant to cleverly put a tree house up for the rest of the community to thrive.

How powerful they are to hold, anchor and stitch the leaves up, amazing team work! Photo taken with Canon SX160 IS in the iSimangoliso Wetland Park.

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