Cape Ash Tree Aerial Boardwalk


Walk into the life of a big Cape Ash Tree – Literally walk the Boardwalk Aerial wooden structure.

Cape Ash Tree

Start of the walk from the road where you park, an area you are allowed to get out (always good to keep and eye open for animals) this takes you down to the tree on the Western bank in the Isimangaliso Wetlands park.

Cape Ash Boardwalk

Different levels with view points looking out to take in the abundant nature surrounding you.

Isimangaliso Wetlands Park Western Bank

View across to the Eastern bank with the largest vegetated sand dunes. The Maphelane dune at 183 meters is the highest vegetated dune in the area.

Aerial Boardwalk Isimangaliso

The Boardwalk has been beautifully built in that it does not hurt the tree, structured around on high stilted legs about three to four meters off the ground.

Walk Around the Cape Ash

Going up to the higher level gives an idea of the foilage below and the view from every angle looking out. (Would be an amazing place to live)

Isimangaliso Wetlands Park - Cape Ash Tree

Three very short videos were meant to be included within this article… Still learning so will add the links here, they post out from dTube automatically (which I did not realize)

Aerial Boardwalk In Cape Ash Tree!/v/joanstewart/5thrv9sg

Walking The Aerial Boardwalk In Cape Ash Tree!/v/joanstewart/2y9n4i58

Crown Of The Cape Ash Tree!/v/joanstewart/pt0ponia

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