My Top Ten Hit Photography of 5 Animals


Hello Are You Standing Tall? The best of when you are Sunday driving and manage to get photo’s of faces and not bums. (Just by way of a change)

You get a great feeling when first thing in the morning the animals are actually looking at you, chomping away from the top of an acacia tree.

What I am going to share is five different animals with a facial greeting (where possible) and another of them mingling around doing what they do best.

The male Impala has striking horns, let’s imagine being a lion, cheetah or leopard trying to get his lunch, dodging those horns whipping past the body…. Quite something, you bet. Impala is a popular snack!

Hippo are seldom out of water in the day, so here the greeting is more along the lines of napping.

Many think of the as the Happy Hippo sadly not the case, they kill more than most on our beautiful continent. The next photo made me smile thinking SteemFest all the while.

The next contender, well they just nap. Don’t need to find food too often and just love the sun too much.

Mangroves make a cosy bed, more than likely sleeping with one eye open….

Zebra are another group who stick together to confuse would be attackers, their stripes when together make them appear a much larger force to deal with in the bush than going it along one by one.

Hello Standing Tall 5 Animals first Published on Steemit

Photography all my own with either a Canon SX160 IS or Canon EOS 500D


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