Acacia Tree – Iconic Africa


Photographers paradise with an African sunset or sunrise, most probably the most photographed of trees silouhette.

Acacia Tree

Flat on top to allow the leaves to capture as much sun in the breeze, loved by Giraffe so clever with his tongue not to be caught up in the thorns.

Acacia and Giraffe

Dwelling to birds and many insects out in the open, offering a certain amount of security. For man we have used parts of the tree for medicines, calico, dyeing and printing to name but a few.

Acacia and Muisvoel

Acacia trees do protect themselves with thorns which are visible and poison they manufacture and warn other Acacia trees to do the same. Sharing the knowledge to neighbouring trees to about 40 meters away.

These trees have mysteries we do not know and live to grand old age of 200 years. So learn from nature and enjoy the sight of this grand tree we take for granted.

PS: The thorns are terrific toothpicks when out in the bush and that bushmeat you cooked was a tad tough.

A man does not run among thorns for no reason; either he is chasing a snake or a snake is chasing him.. African Proverb

IMHO: When we work for ourselves we chasing the snake, when you work for a boss the snake is chasing you.

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