How To Make Passive Earnings With Bitcoin


Now you moved some fiat currency into bitcoin, what comes next.

Some enjoy playing the markets in emerging and small cryptocurrency, that sounds like a fine way to make some additional cash.

Trading full time is not for me, speculating and watching markets may make some good money, however I am not a trader, so here are my next best options and suggestions.

Follow people like Randy Hilarski in Panama (or someone you can relate to) here in Steemit, to learn and glean ideas from, with up to date news and tips on what they are doing to achieve success.

Take note how to offer value in blogging, vlogging plus current events affecting their lives to build a business. It is in giving that one receives (IMHO), Steemit is the perfect platform to invest in, do sharing and earning.

Analyse risk, everything that goes up will come down. Trading and keeping an eye on what is happening in ongoing research and listening to what people are saying. Don’t get taken on every wave of hype to grow, but read into what is happening.

Possibilites vs Probabilites learn trends, when to invest and the right time to sell off is the bottom line in trading. A good video to learn more about this from Chris Dunn to give you direction.

Bitcoin from my limited experience is an asset and I have treated it as such by growing it incrementally in small amounts.

I follow people who do trade regularly and have learned to read the cycles a lot more over the past year. Mark Carrington (an ex South African now living in Australia) gives great information and is a full time trader. Mark is cautious, and on this video he delves into a platform I use for passive earnings growing bitcoin slowly.

USI-Tech was introduced to me by another bitcoin friend online, and I learned that Mark had already joined so I was happy to know I was on the right track after having done a couple of days of research into the company. Mark explains in the video his research results, and they are a very good comparison to what I found.

Having been invested in USI-Tech since March this year I am happy to say it runs smoothly on it’s own, a check in once or twice per week is more than enough to know it is running smoothly.

By leaving it up to people who know what they are doing in trading, paying a small percentage of earnings makes me far happier than charging around like a ‘Bull in a China Shop’.

Since joining in March with twenty-one packages, today on auto rebuy the number is almost one hundred and then I will start to consider my next options in how to invest further into bitcoin. If you are interested in USI-Tech click on this link since you need an invitation link to be admitted.

You do not need to purchase the license to trade since you are able to join with no fees into the bitcoin side of the trading platform and still reap the rewards of passive earnings and having people join in up under you with your invitation link (a bit of MLM within to attract investors).

This MLM form of marketing within USI-Tech you do not need to have sleepless nights over, if no one joins in under you it does not affect your earnings on packages purchased negatively.

This is how to make passive earnings whilst you sleep, let your money work for you.

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