BeachWednesday On The Wildside ~ St. Lucia South Africa

Walk down to the beach you need to walk the boardwalk, your first introduction is this major big warning about the Crocodiles. I love these, it almost tempts you to stray off the path.

To the right of the boardwalk, some hippo sunbathing with a couple of crocs here and there. Just a friendly reminder that the beasties are in town. We can see the sea, it is hot and looks so inviting in the pale blue of the day.

Getting closer you can see the damp sand at the end of the St Lucia Estuary with towering lush Vegetated Sand Dunes. This is a World Heritage Site where all three African species of crocodile can be seen in the various ponds. And snakes alive you will find, alongside many other living creatures.

Still feel like that swim, under the hot African sun, think again, some do, most don’t! Popping in for a quick dip could find you surfing with sharks, crocodiles or hippo whose footprints on the beach are evident in the morning walk.

The Indian Ocean waters are warm and tempting all year round. A fantastic place to adventure, you will see nature at it’s best.

Having enjoyed a good walk on the beach we sighted these people enjoying another way of getting out into nature via horse back, never venturing too close to the estuary for fear of crocodiles they appeared to have a great mode of transport. The beaches I have shown is one of three that spread the length of the St Lucia Village and all are powder soft white sand spilling into the blue sea.


First law of visiting down try pet and play with the nature, pic flowers and only leave your footprints always.

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