How Blockchain Can Benefit Gaming Industry Worth $4.5 bln by 2020

Click image to view story: How Blockchain Can Benefit Gaming Industry Worth $4.5 bln by 2020

In the year 2016, games generated revenue worth $91 bln worldwide according to a market report released by SuperData Research. This industry now holds a diverse audience with 46 percent of the American players being women.

It is expected that by the year 2020, players will spend $4.5 bln on “immersive gaming” according to the same report. Given the scenario, there is a huge potential for innovation but also means available today to reward players as to encourage more participation.

Prospectors is creating a Massive Multiplayer Online Real Time Economic Strategy, which would combine all the fun of gaming online in an immersive environment but also have a game digital currency based on the Blockchain technology.

They are creating a game which has an economic model, unlike other games. Prospectors will give the players the possibility of earning real money for the time that they spend on the game.

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