Positive thoughts of December

Finding middle ground to reach a balance between Passion and Reason with @chislop

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Positive thought of December: reason and passion

We often view reason and passion as opposing because we deem them to be incompatible due to the fact that they seem to be poles apart from each other… at least, at first sight. But is this really true?

Definitions of reason and passion

•    Reason is the logic that enables us to analyze things, make decisions, remain in control of ourselves and rectify things, if need be.

•    Passion is the opposite. It can be controlled but with difficulty. It is also hard to define. It causes us to experience emotions and moments of intense pleasure. It makes life exciting!

Middle ground

Some view reason and passion as incompatible and choose to sacrifice one of them. Whatever they may choose to sacrifice, they deprive themselves of a genuine opportunity to change, express their creativity and succeed in life!

The question…

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