A mix of Ethereum, Social Media, MLM and Commerce = Crowdify

Why blockchain currency is being used in Crowdify Club, an explanation of how it got there by Michael Q Todd

Living and working on a various continents it makes sense to be able to find a person across the seas to help you build your blog. How to pay them is not always that easy, with many in the world not having a banking system available to them. CrowdifyCoin is born, enabling you to find talented people  where you work and share your blogging, technical skills, social media and much more.

City Managers are opening up the doors to groups of tech savvy people wishing to grow a local business.

Find out more and read the full article at personal blog of Michael Q Todd by clicking this link.

Yoriko - Michael and Rhea

Crowdify Club Office opening in Davao City Philippines – 24th May 2016


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