The importance of storytelling and how social media can help – Adam Houlahan

Human beings love stories. We tell and listen to them every single day. Think about your conversations – on the phone, over a coffee, at the dinner table, in bed at night with your significant other. Think about your leisure: watching television or a movie, going to the theatre, listening to radio chat programs, watching the news and reading books. We are all held captive and entertained by stories of all kinds. They are the way in which we humans communicate and we connect with each other. Stories are an intrinsic part of culture and society. Through stories we define our values, dreams, opinions and desires. Humans have been telling stories since antiquity. Oral stories have been passed down the generations and after the advent of writing, they were written down. Anthropologists believe that storytelling likely originated as a way to calm fears and to excuse failures, as well as sharing tales of heroic deeds and influencing others. The oldest known surviving tale from antiquity is the epic of Sumerian King Gilgamesh, and from there followed myths, legends, fairy tales and other stories that reflect the wisdom, experiences, knowledge and beliefs of those who originated them. What is social storytelling?more info

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Adam Houlahan covers a lot in and about Social Media storytelling. How to get the message out is also included with great advice.

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