AD-miration for Creativity

Creativity and advertising, well written example of advertising and ideas by Terri Nakamura

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How a campaign was born

Commercial ads are a necessary evil. Most of us tune them out. TiVos, DVRs and similar devices are popular because they help us do that.

But when you see a great ad, you want to see it again and again and sometimes, even share it with others. A friend, Reg Saddler says because of the way he now consumes content, he doesn’t have to watch commercials anymore. So when he actually sees one, it’s like, “Hey, a commercial!”

Wieden+Kennedy in Portland, OR has done its best to create some watch-worthy ads.

Whether you know it or not, you’ve probably seen some of W+K’s handiwork. Some of their clients include Chrysler, Coca Cola, KFC, Old Spice, Nike, Samsung and Verizon. Here are a couple of classics:

It’s Halftime in America

Halftime in America

The Man Your Man Could Smell Like

I'm on a Horse

When I first saw W+K’s Old Spice commercial, I thought…

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