Strategy. How I got my Empire Kred price to about 2400 and get daily benefit from it #BlogAThon Entry EKB09

Empire.Kred to meet bloggers and new friends from around the world.

Empire Kred

The ninth  entry in Blogathon 2015 is from Michael Q Todd  of Crowdify from Japan , a member of Empire.Kred since April 2011


I have been enjoying Empire Kred for over 4 and a half years. Thanks to everyone who has been involved.

During this time I have also participated in numerous lengthy discussions, mostly in Facebook groups, about buying and selling strategy. I also have recent experience of developing accounts from scratch. I wish to share the benefit of all that knowledge.

I would describe my style now as a mixture of being eave and relationship related.

So here you go. In no particular order please think about these things when you buy and sell.

You can read the full blog posthere 

If you would like to enter the Blogathon you should

1 Join the forum here

2 Write your blog post and post it on you website.


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