New #SocialMedia Entry @crowdifytech To Combine Elements of Fiverr, Triberr In Unique Way

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According to Michael Q. Todd, Crowdify.Tech will combine elements of,

We have built a system like Fiverr, an equity crowdfunding vehicle, an automating blog post sharer like Triberr and a system for scooping content into your topics like

So actually 4 things. You will also like our influence score system when it starts

This will place Crowdify.Tech in a unique position to form a market for those engaged in and around social media where work may be contracted for reasonable rates, and social media may be “shared” as part of the new digital “sharing” economy.

Crowdify.Tech is not in open release though you can register for free.

Michael says it’s in beta, but it feels like an open beta with a limited release to early adopters who are in social media.

A full open release is planned for January.


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