If you ever asked yourself what 3tags is all about – This is our Mission

###**This is 3tags:**
If you are a free-thinking and freedom loving person, then 3tags is your independent network beyond the mainstream media. Only by collecting and sharing information, the world will become a better place – this is the truth we hold to be self evident. 3tags wants to empower every one of you to contribute, maintain or share information and create the hub of decentralized knowledge.


####**Ask yourself, what kind of world do you want to live in?**
3tags is all about the

Source: 3tags.org

3tags Mission by #3tags What they are and why 3tags came into being.


Main Objectives:

Debt enslavement through private banks and compound interest must be overcomeA smooth transition from ever failing Fiat Currencies to free and sound money, eventually leading to a system that is purely resourced based and made available to all of usFree and clean energy must be made available to all people everywhereAll humans must have the right to pursue and catch happinessTalents should be promoted so that all humans can contribute in the best way possibleSpirituality should become an integral part of our everyday lifeHumans need to come back to natural unaltered food and agricultureAnimals need to be treated equal in a way that condemns all cruelty and harmThe conservation and protection of the environment is essential to our survival and of utmost urgencyAll kinds of wars and murder must forever be outlawed by the societyHistory is never forbidden. We again need to rediscover what’s been forgotten in order to fully understand who we were, what we have become and what we want to be from now onFor the first time media needs to be independent, free and accessible to all


Enjoy blogging, then this may be the right platform for you!


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