Hands-On With Facebook Post Search: Strong Recommendations, Yelp Should Worry

Facebook on the move again…. Changes and things to look out for.


We’re all critics, whether we Like it or not. Our Facebook posts are implicit reviews and recommendations of restaurants, apps, movies, news articles, dry cleaners, and even whole cities. Now, Facebook’s new keyword post search is unlocking the value of the opinions we share but never put on review sites like Yelp, Annie’s List, MetaCritic, or the App Store.

Of course, your Facebook search results are only as interesting as your network of friends. If you roll with a Luddite crew, or your friends just aren’t that into Facebook, you won’t get much help. But if you have a share-happy graph, you may be pleasantly surprised. After spending some time testing the new Facebook Search, I was amazed by how useful it is for digging up recommendations. Over time, thanks to artificial intelligence and natural language recognition, Facebook could get even better and categorizing and filtering the results.

Facebook Search For Posts

Whether I searched “dentists” or “Berlin…

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