Hu Ma shares the love…


Hu Ma Into the stars
My Soul doth soar
Into the depths
Inside the core
The Oness calls
For my connection
That I may feel
My Soul’s protection
Within the NOW
I journey there
So with my SELF
This life I share
All I’ve lived
And died as well
From the highest peak
To the darkest hell
Unite within
The Heart of ONE
As planets go back
Into the sun
My life beyond
This lonely world
Into my mind
Has been unfurled
My heart as well
The TRUTH has found
The limits of sweet
Love unbound
Soon the Angels
Herald here
To bring the love
And clear the fear
I place my feet
Upon this ground
And bless this life
That I have found
I’m ready now
To give my service
To all above and
On the surface
On Gaia’s heart
I lay my hand
To call the sky,
The sea, the land
The time I’ve spent
Upon this earth
Has brought me to
A new rebirth
As Home I go
I also stay
The path I leave
Will show the way
I enter now
Into the ONE
I AM the moon
I AM the sun
I AM the stars
And now I see
The Oness I
Shall always BE 


Being on your own and needing something to break from the normal ritual of online work, take a break, read some poetry from Mary Helen Ferris.


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