How Social Media Marketing works in B2B

Social Media on the rise, changes within the platforms using B2B by Detlev Artelt

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Social Media in B2B

I found a great article written by Keith Tully from Real Business Rescue which I love to share with you.

See the real potential of Social Media for B2B in 2014. Which are the strongest Social Media sites in 2013 and where do Marketers from B2B will spend their time and funds?

With other words:

Figure out where
your Business should invest

Are you looking for Brand awareness, Lead generation or the Though Leadership in your market – This Infographic will give you some advice.


Tell me…

Social Media in B2B - DETart Blog by Detlev ArteltPlease leave me a comment as I want to know how many people already use Social Media in B2B

– Do you use social media in B2B?

– If so, what are your results?

Do you have any question about our own usage of Social Media in B2B. My job is…

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