How to Spot Spammers and Scammers on Pinterest (4 Keys to Protect Your Images)

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Scams and spamming on social media happen from time to time and they will never go away. 


1) If you receive an email saying a friend is sharing a link with you from a popular arts and craft site DO NOT CLICK it! If you do you will be directed to a fake site where your personal information will be put at risk.


2) Here’s one according to Snake River.

You get an email from Pinterest. It says a friend has shared a “pin” (the term Pinterest uses for a digital scrapbook image) with you. The email and link seem legitimate, so you click on it. The image is different from what your friend typically pins, but it looks real. These guys will steal your identity too and who knows how or what they will do with your info.


Spammers steal your content and pass it off as their own to build up their credibility and base by changing the source link.  

Joan Stewart‘s insight:

It will happen somewhere along the line, Prevention is better than Cure! #scammers #spammer #pinterest

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