Preparing for [X]Pendapalooza 11

New Preparing for [X]Pendapalooza 12 on Oct 12th and 13th, find out more about it from this blog post by Gerrit Bes.

Eav Daily Tips

Are you preparing for [X]Pendapalooza 11, Saturday Oct 12, 2013 on Empire Avenue?


If you have been thinking about joining Empire Avenue (EAv), the social media stock market game, this buying frenzy will be a great opportunity to connect with hundreds of new investors at once. Many players are also generous with their missions during the festivities and provide new players with the eaves they need to invest in others. Read this blog post first to make a great start on the avenue!

If you are already active on Empire Avenue, this great tips on Tammi Kibler’s Blog Will Help you to prepare 🙂

Thanks Tammi for this great blog post!

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